What are the main things I can do on FP insight?

We’ve created a fun scavenger hunt with 10 items to help you get started on FP insight.

The goal of FP insight is to provide FP/RH professionals with a space where you can find, save, and share resources that you encounter in your work, and to provide a platform where you can curate you own shareable FP/RH resource collections.

Getting started on FP insight is quick and easy! Check out this fun scavenger hunt that will walk you through tips on how to perform 10 key actions on FP insight, including:

  1. Creating an account
  2. Adding interests to your profile
  3. Liking posts or collections
  4. Saving posts
  5. Following collections
  6. Adding new posts
  7. Saving posts for offline viewing
  8. Following other FP insight users
  9. Sharing FP insight posts to social media
  10. Downloading the FP insight browser button

Once you complete the scavenger hunt, submit your name to receive an Explorer badge on your FP insight profile so that others know that you’re an FP insight Explorer!

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