What are the key resources for developing a KM strategy to improve global health programs?

There is a collection of resources that provide a road map and step-by-step guidance to using KM in global health.

The KM Collection is a family of resources designed to help global health professionals understand, use, and train others on KM approaches, tools, and techniques.

The Knowledge Management Road Map outlines the five-step systematic process for generating, collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and sharing knowledge in global health programs.

The Knowledge Management Pocket Guide for Global Health Programs provides a basic overview of the KM Road Map and serves as a quick reference on key steps for applying the Road Map to global health programs.

The Building Better Programs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Knowledge Management in Global Health provides detailed guidance on how to implement the five-step KM Road Map in your global health program. It offers an overview of each of the five steps of the Road Map along with in-depth tasks to complete within each step.

At access additional resources, visit the Knowledge Management Training Package for Global Health Programs website.