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How do you promote and disseminate a KM intervention?

Defining your purpose and understanding your audience are key to promotion and dissemination.

The first step is to define the purpose of your promotion and dissemination efforts. Is your purpose to:

  • Raise awareness: let others know what you are doing
  • Inform: educate and establish trust with your intended audience
  • Engage: encourage participation and collaboration
  • Promote use: "sell" your outputs and results and encourage others to use the same approach

The second step is to consider who your audience(s) are: 

  • Who are your primary and secondary audiences? 
  • Who needs to know this information?
  • Will these audiences help to achieve your objective?

The third step is to determine what communication methods will be most suitable for your target audience. There are many examples of both written and oral communication methods - aim to prioritize two to four key methods, using a combination of both types.

Download a promotion plan template to help you plan for your own promotion efforts.