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  3. Creating and Iterating KM Tools and Techniques

What KM approaches can be applied to my health program?

There are a range of KM tools and techniques that can be applied to meet different KM needs.

The tools and techniques can be  categorized into the following buckets:matrix

  • Asking approaches (e.g., after-action reviews, communities of practice, share fairs, study tours) can be helpful for eliciting tacit knowledge.
  • Telling approaches (e.g., conferences, storytelling, videos, webinars) are useful for conveying knowledge to defined groups of people.
  • Publishing approaches (e.g., blogging, eLearning, websites, handbooks/guides) are efficient tools for sharing explicit knowledge with large groups of people.
  • Searching approaches (e.g., facets/filters, resource centers/libraries, taxonomies) allow people to pull information they need, when they need it.

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