What is the difference between the For You, Trending, and Following tabs?

For You shows you personalized content based on your interests, Trending shows you the most popular content across FP insight, and Following shows you only new content posted by people or collections you're following.

Each FP insight tab (or newsfeed) shows you something a little different. Choose the one that best meets your needs. Or better yet, check out all three of them!
  • Trending: Shows you content that’s popular across all FP insight users. All FP insight users will see the same content on the Trending tab. 
  • For You: Shows you content that is personalized to your own interests. Each FP insight user will see different content on the For You tab based on their own interests. 
  • Following: Shows you recently added content from the people and collections that you’re following. Each FP insight user will see different content on the Following tab based on who and what they’re following. 

Tips for when you first start on FP insight:

  • Make sure you add keywords related to the content you want to see on FP insight in the Interests field in your profile. 
  • Start exploring what's on the Trending tab. Like things that seem interesting to you, Save other people’s posts that you think will be useful for you, Add your own favorite content to the platform, Follow people who are posting interesting content, and Follow collections that are interesting to you. 
  • The For You and Trending tabs will be blank at first because the system doesn’t know enough about you yet. Once you start using FP insight and interacting with it, the For You and Following tabs will start to show you content relevant for you. The more you use and interact with FP insight, the more relevant the content!

For those interested in the fine details: 

  • All three feeds focus on recent content. The feeds update every four hours, so they will change frequently but you may not see changes right away. 
  • Trending shows the posts that have been most frequently added to FP insight, the most liked posts and collections, and the collections with the most followers. It also shows some posts that have been promoted by the admin team of FP insight. 
  • For You shows you content related to posts and collections that you like, posts that you yourself have added to FP insight, and interests in your profile. It also shows you the most recent posts added to collections you're following and by people you're following. To make sure you are exposed to potentially new content that you otherwise may not have found on your own, the For You feed also shows you the most popular posts that FP insight users followed by people you're following have added, as well as the most popular posts added by users from the same country or region as you, from the same organization as yours, and from users who share one or more Interest tags as you in their profile. 
  • Following shows you the most recently added posts by users you're following and the most recently added posts to collections you're following. It also shows posts and collections that users you're following have liked.