I'm not sure where to start!

We can help you get started on FP insight with 5 quick and easy steps.

  1. First, create an account to get the best experience on FP insight. You can do this two different ways:
    1. The first way: enter your email address, choose a password, and then click Create Account. Once you have done this, a new box will appear that asks for a confirmation code. This code will have been sent to your email inbox. Make sure to check your inbox promptly so that you can access the confirmation code. Once you have the code, copy and paste it into the box, then click Confirm Account.
    2. The second way: You can also sign in with your existing Google or Facebook account so you don't have to remember a separate password! None of your personal information from your Google or Facebook account is shared or made accessible on FP insight.
  2. Once you've signed up, you will be taken through the new, simplified FP insight account creation process. This process can be completed with just a few easy steps (like adding your gender pronouns, your work experience, a profile picture, and more) that help others on the platform get to know you. Don’t forget to add keywords related to your FP/RH Interests so that you can start getting personalized content in your FP insight newsfeeds. And lastly, make sure to enter your Name and Country - this is required to access your account!
  3. Start exploring the Trending tab. Like things that seem interesting to you, Save other people’s posts that you think will be useful for you, Follow people who are posting interesting content, and Follow collections that are interesting to you. 
  4. Add your own favorite resources to FP insight (click on the big + button on the right-hand side), so you can come back to them whenever you need them from your profile. 
  5. Check out our interactive scavenger hunt to learn how to do 10 key actions on FP insight.

Still having trouble or have questions? Explore our different training resources, or email us at info@fpinsight.org with your questions.